EGGstravaganza (DVD)

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EGGstravaganza (DVD)

Miss PattyCake’s BEST SELLER! Come to Miss PattyCake’s house for an “eggstraordinary” egg hunt adventure!

Children never know what surprises they’ll find as they open special eggs that help tell the wonderful story of the “MIGHTY RESURRECTION DAY”!  From the little donkey to the stone that rolled away, these songs sing the truth of Jesus death and rising in easy rhyming lyrics. Listen as “JESUS SAID YES” to God, died for our sins, then “GIVE ME FIVE, HE’S ALIVE!”  

Companion product from FamilyLife Ministries, “Resurrection Eggs” are a hands-on way to follow along and open the eggs with Miss PattyCake.

Songs Include:

  1. PattyCake Praise
  2.  What Will the Weather Be
  3.  Colors, Numbers, ABCs
  4.  Shout Hosanna
  5. Jesus Said Yes
  6. Mighty Resurrection Day
  7. Give Me Five, He's Alive
  8. Please Come Back and Play

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