Would you like to go on two adventures at the same time? 

First, join Miss PattyCake as she explores the “Hullabaloo Zoo” that we call Noah’s ark; laugh at the “Funny Farm”, be on a silly safari, visit a REAL zoo and see live animals, and discover how you are wonderfully made. 

Next, take a trip around “God’s Great Big World”, visit El Salvador and meet new friends there. Hear a song about a baby who lived in Egypt, find how God has the whole world, right in His hands, and that Jesus loves the children of the world!

Both adventures give you fun, giggles, praise songs and Biblical stories on ONE DVD.

Songs include:
Hullabaloo Zoo
1.  PattyCake Praise
2.  What Will the Weather Be
3.  Funny Farm
4.  Hullabaloo Zoo
5.  Jungle Jamba
6.  Just Like You Are
7.  I Praise You Lord With The Hands You Made
8.  Please Come Back and Play
God's Great Big World
1.  PattyCake Praise
2.  What Will the Weather Be
3.  In The Beginning
4.  Floatin' Moses
5.  Fruits and Veggies
6.  He's God The Whole World In His Hands
7.  Jesus Sees
8.  Please Come Back and Play

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