Amazerriffic Songs (CD) NEW!!

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Amazerrific! Songs (CD) by Miss PattyCake
Amazerriffic Songs (CD) NEW!!

“Amazerrific! Songs”  is a collection of 16 songs from Miss PattyCake. Engage with your little ones with activity songs,  Bible stories, and praise songs. Get ready to have some wiggly giggly FUN!

Now your children can listen to Miss PattyCake’s songs anytime! 

 Songs include:

  1. PattyCake Play Day
  2. Amazerrific!
  3. Good Morning Day
  4. What Will the Weather Be?
  5. Bubbling Joy
  6. ABC Fishing
  7. 5 Loves and 2 Fish
  8. Jesus Sees
  9. Can You?
  10. Wiggly Giggly
  11. Big, Big Love
  12. Put on Love
  13. Get Moving!
  14. Very Good
  15. Stop, Look and Listen
  16. So Long Song

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